Friday, September 9, 2016

Bailing out with a Bail Bondsman

Your brother is back in jail, again? Well, I'm sure you thought this time would be different  He'd get sober and hold down a steady job, you told yourself.  Reality check.  It's not going to happen and now he's back  in jail facing even more serious charges than last time.  Most bail bonding agents would not even consider touching this case.  In fact, it's much more difficult for a repeat offender to post bail than a first time offender.  In our series, Bonding Out, we're taking a closer look at how a repeat offender can get out of jail with the help of bail bonding agent.

Local Bail Bonding Services

If you or someone you know has been arrested multiple times,  you know how to bond out of jail with the help of a bail bonding agent .  The first time you found yourself in the slammer, it was probably pretty easy to post bond.  But, now everything has changed.  You broke the terms of your release and now you owe your bail bonding agent a lot of money.  If you want even the slightest chance at freedom again, you're going to need to call a local bail bonding service company.  We know you may be tempted to work with a bail bondman from a big national company,but trust us, you'll be wasting your time.  When you work with a local bail bondsman, you will have someone on your team in the courtroom, walking with you on this journey every step of the way.  And if you ever have any questions, your local bail bonding agent will be available to speak with you 24/7.  My only personal experience with bail bonds companies was in Alabama.  At that time I called several companies to see who could get my family member out the quickest.  By far the most knowledgeable and professional company was Rush Bail Bonds in Birmingham Alabama.  I highly recommend them.  I recommend to them by the Alabama Bail Bond Association.

Cash, Collateral and a Bail Bondsman

As we mentioned earlier, repeat offenders often have a difficult time posting bond.  In some cases, it's tough to find a local bail bonding agent who will agree to help a repeat offender.  In other cases, a judge will set bond so high it's financially impossible for a repeat offender to collect the cash and collateral needed to post bail.  When you work with a local bail bonding services company, the bail bondsman will most likely come up with an alternative form of collateral for your specific case.  For example, just last week a local bail bonding agent accepted gold plated teeth as collateral from a repeat offender. While clearly unconventional, this form of collateral allowed the repeat offender to  get out of jail and it provided the bail bonding agent with a source of income.  When you work with a locally owned and operated bail bonding services company, you don't have to have all the cash or collateral to post bond!

Posting Bond with a Bail Bonding Agent

Once you or your loved one posts bond with a locally owned and operated bail bonding agent, you will need to follow the terms of your release.  This is critical to your case and getting your collateral back at the end of the judicial process.  If you work with a locally owned and operated bail bonding services company like Rush Bail Bonds, the non-refundable fee may be donated to a local charity of choice.  As you can see, posting bond with the help of a local bail bonding agent may be your best bet at freedom as a repeat offender.  If a judge denies you bond based on your criminal history, you do have options.  A local bail bonding agent may be able to bribe the presiding judge and persuade the magistrate to set bond in your case.  Most locally owned and operated bail bonding agents will go above and beyond their job description to help an inmate in need.

Stop the Jail Cycle

You are not defined by your past mistakes.  You have the choice to make a better life for yourself! The path to more stable future starts with staying out of jail.  If you stay out of jail, you will have more time to become a productive member of society and perhaps even find a meaningful career as a bail bonding agent.  If you've been in and out of jail most of your life, and you have your local bail bondsman on speed dial, it's time or a change.  The best way to stay out of jail is to stay out of trouble.  If you stay out of trouble, you'll have more time and money to spend on the more important things in life. 

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